Shari Baker – Designer

On a walk at the Hamilton Gardens.

You’re a graphic designer by day, and you’ve just recently started your own label, Sloper – which you design and make yourself from home. How has this changed your day-to-day life?

Starting my own label happened quite organically, so by the time I had actually announced I would be making made to order pieces under the brand ‘Sloper’, I guess I had already prepared myself for the side-hustle that would be running a small business in my down time. The biggest adjustment has been sewing within a strict time frame so my customers get their garments when they expect them, and don’t have to wait too long even though each piece is made for them especially.

Can you tell us a little about how the practical act of making, opposed to the screen-based work, has added to your life?

Sewing is such a methodical process for me, and it is quite peaceful working steadily in my own quiet space and not feeling affected by the hustle and bustle of the design world – just what the next step is in the garment. What took me by surprise was how happy I would feel giving somebody a physical piece of my work, and seeing them comfortable and happy and making that garment come into its own life beyond mine.

What’s most exciting to you at the moment?

I am still so excited and humbled at the support I have received from such an early stage of Sloper, and I am so excited to introduce my next garment to the Sloper collection very soon. I’m looking forward to following the natural process of what feels right for the brand and seeing where that leads me.

Outside of your creative pursuits, what are the things that bring you joy?

I really am enjoying the little things in life at the moment! I really love meeting friends somewhere quality for a good coffee, and I have been making an effort to read more because it brings me happiness but easily gets pushed aside when things get busy. I like doing yoga in my tiny lounge room and working in the garden growing veges and looking after my house plants.

What could you not live without?

Coffee in the AM – A journal for scribbling ideas and organizing thoughts -My lovely partner, family and closest friends.

What do you love about your home and the neighbourhood you live in?
I live in a cosy little two bedroom with my partner Jake in Rototuna. We have been here for a little over a year now and have slowly turned it into a space that reflects our style and personalities together. We recently built a custom workbench for me to work from when working on Sloper which I am still so in love with, our home feels like a hub for creating at the moment which inspires me.
I love coming home and seeing my cat asleep on the couch, veges growing outside and throwing myself down on our big comfy couch after a long day. My neighbourhood feels safe, our parents live close by so it has a real family vibe for us.

What are you most looking forward to coming up?
I am looking forward to releasing my next garment in the very near future, and I am planning a trip to Wellington soon to enjoy the cities offerings, and hopefully catch some inspiration while I’m there .

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